The Palm Leaf Brand Symbol

When we decided it was time to expand upon our business and start The Villa, one of the things we wanted to do was to find something that reflected our one of our business values.

After numerous suggestions, ideas, design choices, even consultations with friends and family members, we decided upon the palm leaf as part of our signature brand.

From our research it made sense as the palm branch has been used as a sign of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life…exactly as you should feel when you get to the holiday destination of your choice.

When a person sees a palm leaf in person, online or in the media, it can suggest a memory of a time when you got to unwind and enjoy your well-deserved vacation or make you look forward to an upcoming break away from everyday life.

In our villa inspection visits at various sunny locations, the palm leaf tends to be prevalent in the surroundings, and being adaptable they provide shade and shelter from both the sun and the rain and something else that is important to many of our clients, the leaves provide privacy.

Being a symbol under the sun sign, they tend to indicate a time for you to retreat and recharge. Palms are valuable symbols of renewal and a holiday stay at one of our villa rentals we know will leave you feeling revitalized.

Also, some of the spiritual attributes pertaining to the palm leaf include freedom, reward, resurrection and what many people wish for…good luck in life.

We also just find them to be strong and beautiful while offering a pristine balance to the natural landscapes at a strong portion of our property rental locations.

We can’t wait to use the palm leaf in our media as our symbol of luck and love for you in your travels.