Luxury Group Travel

Generally we find when people want to have their holidays at one of the luxury property rentals we represent in any number of our travel destinations, they want an all encompassing experience.

And who can blame them? People work hard all year, they want the best for their vacation.

We will sometimes be told that when they envision an area of their dreams, what comes to mind is a jet set crowd, glamorous events, magnificent villas on stunning estates, tons of beaches where one can go swimming in the clear sea with numerous extravagant yachts floating nearby.

So it has come as no surprise to us that over the years that we have seen an increase in the number of group travelers coming together wanting to experience "The Life" by staying at a high-end villa rental.

We love the whole concept of group travel as there are few better ways to make lifelong memories on a holiday than with friends and family.

Fortunately for us, we have almost 1000 villa rentals available throughout Europe and beyond, many homes have more than 4 bedrooms and we love looking through out extensive portfolio to find a match on not only the perfect vacation villa but also the surroundings to go with everyone's interests.

Times have changed for the better so that these beautiful properties can be used for more than just the elite or a special wedding occasion. Regularly now we get requests from group travelers interested in having a week long yoga or writing retreat, corporate recharge trips, or even a men or women's getaway gathering.

Instead of wishing to live the life as seen on social media, TV and magazines, now as a group of friends, various family members or even business colleagues are finding it more economical to get what they want out of a holiday by traveling together as one to experience how the other half live.

We don’t see this as a growing trend in the luxury market anymore, but more so a smart way of taking advantage of what is available in the travel industry.

With our price match guarantee, property rentals work in your favor and as always, we will work on your behalf to find exactly what you require for your vacation or business trip, we are extremely well connected and work as part of a shared economy for the benefit of everyone.

So no matter where and when you want to go, we can make it happen.