Inspiration During The Coronavirus

It’s a very surreal time in the world right now isn’t it?

Who would have thought that a virus could take over and change life so rapidly that things will quite possibly never be the same again.

We, at The Villa have been in business for just over nine years and as our work has expanded and evolved, the main thing we have always been grateful for is the people we get to meet from all over the world.

In the past 20 plus days, as tighter travel restrictions have come into place globally, our whole concern for this time has been for our clients, a great many who have also become close friends.

One thing that continues to be wonderful is, given this quieter time in business, the outreach and support we have been receiving daily, the emails, calls and online messages from both those with aspirations to visit various parts of the world and our extensive clientele base letting us know that as soon as it is possible, they will be planning for their vacation or corporate trip.

We have a very strong platform and network to work within so we feel very confident in the time ahead for us all. From day one for us, back when the world was going through a global recession, the idea we had was to build a shared economy as part of our business plan.

Take time to relationship build with local business partners so that everyone gets the best in services on their trip. And with just over 50 business partners in our books, even now it seems to be working.

Our social media has also been a blessing and has enabled us to gauge what our treasured followers are looking for when they are making plans to travel.

There was plenty discussion within our dedicated team and with feedback on what we should do in this time of the Coronavirus with travel restrictions being in place.

Lucky for us, we have received overwhelming support with people stating that our posts either bring back beautiful memories and also provide hope that they can travel again soon, even giving them new ideas on what they want to expand upon in a trip.

So here is one of our ideas.

We miss you, and we love our daily interactions with you and our only goal right now is to provide inspiration for you so that when the time is right, we can see your excited, smiling faces in person again.

We aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we are currently forming new ideas with various local business, travel and tourism groups online using all the technology possible so that when it is safe, you will be offered the most amazing experiences imaginable making for a most memorable time on your trip.

Stay home, stay safe and stay positive. We are all in this together.