Coronavirus, Travel and You

In these surreal times with travel and restrictions in every country around the world coming into place our main concern is with you. As you may already know from media outlets, countries are closing their borders and the chances of getting a flight are becoming more and more limited. Wherever you are right now, we hope you are safe and following the guidelines being set out by your local government officials. The more we all follow the rules, hopefully the sooner the Coronavirus will pass. Since we have luxury villa and apartment rentals around the world, we have been following what each owner of these properties along with the government officials on what to do next. Basically as of now everything is on hold. We do have various levels of insurance along with the owners and fortunately bookings that were made have been handled swiftly and effectively for the benefit of our clients, again, your health is what matters.

Having this down time is giving us the opportunity to brainstorm and be even more productive and creative in terms of what we can do for you the client first, along with the owners. As part of a strong business community and shared economy network, we have started to strengthen and extend our partnerships and services so that when this pandemic is over, we are ready to get your plans underway for your next vacation adventure. Please feel free to connect with us any time as we continue to push forward but most of all stay safe, healthy. We are all in this together.