Unforgettable Greece! If a holiday in this part of the world is on your list, you are about to experience something special.

It goes without saying that at one time, Greece was influential in ancient times and is often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization.

If you first arrive at the capital of Athens, be sure to make your way up and around the historic Acropolis while also exploring the local markets and restaurants…just to get yourself infused with the Greek society.

Then be sure to board a flight or take a ferry and head to one of the many islands you have always heard about for a vacation of a lifetime. Stay on one island for a few days, and then simply go to another island if you choose to expand upon your trip.

Out of 6000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas in Greece, 227 are inhabited and each one presents its own people, way of life and history.

Wake up surrounded by warm sea air scented with a variety of flowers as you stroll through the streets or make your way to any number of beaches. In the evenings, do some late night shopping at the boutiques then take in dinner at an extensive choice of restaurants…perhaps later hit a nightclub if you wanted to dance under the stars and moonlight while meeting people from around the globe.

The way of the island life is to relax and recharge if you choose or go all out and experience all the local traditions you can so that you have some unique stories to tell others when you get back home.

Throughout Greece we have 155 villa rentals in our portfolio and this year in particular we have been quite impressed with the new properties that have been developed along with the varied prices which means those planning a trip to this most wonderful part of the world will have a better selection available.

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